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Business and Leadership

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Improve your marketable leader skills and success in the business world by taking a business or management course.
Business and Leadership


Customer Service Representative (CSR) Exam Prep
Price: $395.00
This course will prepare you for the dynamic world of customer service. You'll gain a deep understanding of the importance of a service culture and your integral role within it. You will develop essential communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal, ensuring you connect effectively with customers, such as active listening, teaching you to genuinely understand and meet customer needs. Building and maintaining relationships is at the heart of customer service and through this course, you'll acquire techniques to keep customers loyal and satisfied. You'll gain insights into customer behavior, learn strategies for handling service challenges, and appreciate the value of inclusivity when serving diverse groups. Additionally, you'll discover how technology can enhance customer interactions. Furthermore, you'll receive guidance on managing your time, reducing stress, and refining your written communication. By the end, you'll be well-equipped with the skills and knowledge to excel in customer service roles in a variety of settings.. Click here for the full description of Customer Service Representative (CSR) Exam Prep

Professional in Human Resources ® (PHR ®) Exam Prep
Price: $999.00
Learn about the exciting world of today's Human Resource Management and prepare for the PHR ® Exam throughout this online course. This HR management course weaves together solid human resource principles, timely research and recent events, such as the latest rise in unemployment and financial problems facing the U.S. and other countries. This course highlights important challenges facing managers and employees in today's business climate. Interesting case studies explore real companies and organizations in-depth and delve into some of today's most effective, unique approaches in dealing with HR issues. Upon completion of this course, students will have the skills necessary to serve as Human Resource Managers, as well as the preparation needed to sit for the PHR ® exam. . Click here for the full description of Professional in Human Resources ® (PHR ®) Exam Prep

Project Management Professional Exam Prep with Organizational Leadership
Price: $1,849.00
This course will provide experienced project managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully complete the Project Management Institute’s nationally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. This credential is considered the standard of excellence in the field of project management and is often a required credential in the field. This comprehensive course will use learning activities, practice exams, and assignments to help students prepare for, and successfully complete, the PMP exam. This course bundle also includes the Organizational and Behavioral Leadership course.. Click here for the full description of Project Management Professional Exam Prep with Organizational Leadership

Six Sigma Black Belt Exam Prep
Price: $2,295.00
The Six Sigma Management System has evolved to become an integration of business best practices that unleashes the power of the Six Sigma tools and methods in a way that fosters focused execution and breakthrough improvements. Using the Six Sigma Management System as the overall context for driving business improvement, this course provides unique insight for Black Belts, Six Sigma leaders, and all Six Sigma practitioners for how to apply the wide variety of tools and methods that sit inside of the Six Sigma tool set.. Click here for the full description of Six Sigma Black Belt Exam Prep

Six Sigma Green Belt Exam Prep
Price: $1,775.00
Six Sigma is a rigorous, focused, and highly effective implementation of proven quality principles and techniques, which aims for virtually error-free business performance. Students in this course will develop an understanding of how to perform and interpret Six Sigma tools and how to use standard principles of Lean. Students will learn project management and will define the metrics needed for validating data and evaluating project success. Key topics of this course include Six Sigma goals, project management, project selection, and project execution.. Click here for the full description of Six Sigma Green Belt Exam Prep


Basic Management Skills
Price: $395.00
Understanding how to transition into management is the goal of this course. It presents the skills needed to help you move into a management position along with key strategies to help you understand how to navigate the "management minefield" with ease. Gaining an understanding of how to deal with the pressures from peers and expectations of upper management is a key to being a good manager. Presented are methods for dealing with unruly employees, the role of office politics, and listening techniques that are aimed at helping you understand what your boss is expecting. The impact of effective management on corporate goals and profitability is also be presented. This class is designed to empower your management capabilities. . Full description of Basic Management Skills

Business Management
Price: $1,645.00
Today’s managers need to be equipped with the right skills to deal with the growing number of challenges facing them, including dealing with the competition, coping with ethical dilemmas, identifying and hiring talent, managing diversity, building sustainability, and adapting to the latest technology. This course will provide students with a thorough understanding of management, with a focus on the characteristics of successful managers, manager development, and the importance of critical thinking in management. Using a theoretical approach, this course will encourage students to define effective management and identify the strategies necessary to be successful business managers. Upon completion of this course, students will be fully prepared to begin working as business managers.. Full description of Business Management

Business Writing for Busy Professionals
Price: $450.00
You will learn strategies to write documents faster and better. You will learn how to customize your documents for a specific reader and to accomplish your writing purpose. You will discover ways to create documents when time is limited. You will also master models to organize and format letters, emails, and reports in order to make them clear, direct, and reader friendly. Conversational writing style and parallel structure will also be covered. One of the keys to success in any business is good communication skills and one of the most common ways to communicate in business is through writing. In the second half of the course, we look at the importance of grammar and tone to good writing and approaches to rewriting. We will also look at specific types of documents we might create.. Full description of Business Writing for Busy Professionals

Editing and Proofreading for Business Writers
Price: $450.00
Writing well means following the rules so that you can best make yourself understood. We will review some basic grammar and look at correcting common mistakes that can make our writing harder to read. In this course we will review some basic grammar and using the parts of speech correctly in our writing.. Full description of Editing and Proofreading for Business Writers

Grant Writing
Price: $2,295.00
The Certificate in Grant Writing course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn the essentials of writing or acquiring grants for private, public, or government use. If you are thinking of starting a business that utilizes grants, learning the essentials of writing, researching, obtaining, maintaining, operations and strategies within the grant system is imperative. Books included. Full description of Grant Writing

Grant Writing Fundamentals
Price: $275.00
This course will prepare you to write a grant proposal. You will go step-by-step through the grant writing process, including research, planning, and goal-setting. You will work through real-life examples, or use your own grant proposal as practice.. Full description of Grant Writing Fundamentals

Introduction to Six Sigma
Price: $225.00
The Six Sigma introduction course will give students a flavor of some of the methodologies used in this popular quality tool. The student will receive an overview of the Six Sigma movement itself and some DMAIC, control, and causal methodologies.. Full description of Introduction to Six Sigma

Personality Types Among Us
Price: $225.00
Does your co-worker seem to be speaking a language you don't understand? Is your boss impossible to get along with? Are you having a hard time motivating one of your employees? The key could be that their personality and yours don't mesh. This course will explore personality theories and allow you to discover your own personality and how that affects the way you think and work. You will also explore how other personalities think and work and some communication and motivational tools you can use to be able to work better with them.. Full description of Personality Types Among Us

Principles of Time Management
Price: $275.00
In this fast-paced world all too often it seems that time is a precious commodity. There never seems to be enough time in our day to do the things we need to accomplish. In this course students explore various approaches to managing time and organizing our schedules so that anyone can find a method that works for them. We will explore ways to prioritize what we need to do but allow time to do what we want to do.. Full description of Principles of Time Management

Professional Communication
Price: $225.00
Communication is the ultimate key to your success—in relationships, in the workplace, in personal matters, as a family member, team member and across your lifetime. Your ability to communicate comes from experience. This experience can often be an effective source, but the methods in which you communicate play a critical role in how you more efficiently communicate with your audience and to ensure the intended meaning is received. In this course, material is presented to help you strengthen your communication skills to become a more effective communication. The course also focuses on everyday writing, professional presentations, and interpersonal communication. . Full description of Professional Communication

Sales and Marketing Professional
Price: $2,165.00
This coursed is designed to prepare you to successfully working in the sales and marketing industry. Topics will include sales strategies and best practices, marketing strategies and best practices, understanding the customer, producing, marketing, and sales of goods and services, and the global marketplace.. Full description of Sales and Marketing Professional